5 Signs of a Blood Clot

A blood clot might not sound like a big deal, but it is a serious medical condition. Knowing the signs of a blood clot can help you get medical treatment as soon as possible and potentially save your life. Learn more about what to look for below.

Oct 5th, 2020
The Link Between Vein Issues and Skin Pigmentation

You might already know about varicose veins that bulge and twist, but do you know how changes in your skin’s color can reflect serious vein problems? Read on to learn more about the link between vein issues and skin pigmentation.

Sep 9th, 2020
Are You at Risk of Developing DVT?

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a potentially life-threatening condition where blood clots that form in your deep veins can break off and travel to your lungs or brain. Are you at risk of developing DVT? Find out more about this condition.

May 27th, 2020
When are Varicose Veins More Than Just a Cosmetic Concern?

Most cases of varicose veins are simply unsightly. They won’t likely develop complications since, while they’re visible through the skin, they’re part of the superficial vein system. Severe cases and deep veins, however, may become health issues.

Mar 24th, 2020
Risk Factors for Vein Disease

You may be somewhat familiar with varicose veins and what they look like, but do you know there are many other vein diseases? And do you know the risk factors for these conditions? Here’s your go-to guide to getting in the know.

Aug 4th, 2020
RF vs. Laser Vein Ablation: Similar Outcomes?

RF and laser vein ablation are the two most common treatments available for varicose veins. Vein specialist Dr. Dev Batra compares the two treatments and discusses which is more preferred.

Dec 22nd, 2019
Restless Legs? Vein Treatment Might Help

Restless legs are very common in individuals with vein disease. Vein specialist Dr. Dev Batra explains how vein treatment can help with restless legs, and the steps you can take to find out if your restless legs are caused by a vein problem.

Dec 22nd, 2019
Lower Extremity Vein Anatomy & Venous Diseases

Introduction to Veins Veins are blood vessels responsible for carrying used blood from your organs and tissues back to your heart. Broadly, we can divide the major veins in our legs into four categories: (1) dermal/hypodermal, (2) superficial, (3) deep ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
Advantages of the VenaSeal Procedure for Varicose Vein Treatment

The VenaSeal procedure is a new method of vein closure that has unique advantages over other treatment options. Vein specialist Dr. Dev Batra provides a review of how VenaSeal treatment works and how its advantages might provide a better patient ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
Evidence for Thermal Ablation in Venous Leg Ulcers

In our last article, we discussed how chronic venous disease is a spectrum of signs and symptoms from small spider veins all the way to skin ulcers. The focus was placed on understanding the early indicators because early treatment is ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
Relationship Between Venous Reflux & Spider Veins

Rounded estimates based on The San Diego Population Study.ᴬ When we have the opportunity to sit down and talk venous disease with our medical peers, we tend to emphasize the subtleties of reflux. It’s important to catch venous reflux in its early ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
How Vein Disease Negatively Impacts Your Daily Life

When discussing vein disease, we often talk of its symptoms, its complications, and its cosmetic manifestations. It’s less common that we discuss its impact on everyday life. The symptoms of vein disease obviously cause ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
UGFS Vein Treatment Explained

Vein specialist Dr. Dev Batra explains ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy (UGFS) and its role in vein treatment ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
Healing Venous Ulcers With Vein Closure

Treatments that close down varicose veins can sometimes help venous leg ulcers heal. Dr. Dev Batra describes the experiences of one of his patients that was living with a venous leg ulcer, and how he used a vein closure procedure to help heal ...

Dec 22nd, 2019
Preventing Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

We know from having kids of our own that pregnancy can be overwhelming. Preparing for a new child takes a lot of work, and there are literally books full of health advice to keep up with. As committed vein specialists, we feel that it’s our...

Dec 22nd, 2019
Laser or Injections for Spider Veins: Which is Better?

Vein specialist Dr. Dev Batra explains the differences between laser treatment and sclerotherapy injections for spider veins, and which option is better. Because Dallas Vein Institute is a full-service vein clinic, we’re often asked why we don’t offer...

Dec 21st, 2019