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If you have leg itching and burning, it could be a sign of a vein problem like chronic venous insufficiency. At Dallas Vein Institute in Hurst and Dallas, Texas, Dev Batra, MD, diagnoses vascular health conditions that can cause itching and burning sensations and offers personalized treatment to relieve your symptoms and improve your health. Call Dallas Vein Institute or schedule a consultation online today.

Leg Itching and Burning Q & A

What causes leg itching and burning?

Many factors contribute to itching and burning sensations on your legs, ranging from dry skin to circulatory problems like chronic venous insufficiency. 

Blood that doesn’t move through your blood vessels correctly can pool in your veins, and fluid from the blood may leak into the surrounding tissue. The leakage irritates your tissue and triggers inflammation, which causes the itching and burning sensations. 

You might also have symptoms like tingling, numbness, or a crawling sensation. Your symptoms might become worse after spending a lot of time on your feet. 

When should I talk to a doctor about leg itching and burning?

While itching and burning sensations are often a benign annoyance, these symptoms could also be a warning sign of an underlying condition. You should make an appointment at Dallas Vein Institute if you also have:

  • Swelling in your legs
  • Cramping in your lower legs
  • Aching, fatigued feelings in your legs
  • Varicose veins
  • A personal or family history of chronic venous insufficiency

In the best case, the team at Dallas Vein Institute can assure you that your legs and cardiovascular system are healthy. However, if you have a condition like deep vein thrombosis or chronic venous insufficiency, they can provide expert treatments to relieve your symptoms and restore your vascular health. 

How is the cause of leg itching and burning diagnosed?

Dallas Vein Institute provides comprehensive exams and testing to identify the condition causing your symptoms. They review your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle while examining your legs. They look at the texture of your skin and check for signs of inflammation and swelling. 

Dallas Vein Institute also uses vascular ultrasound to examine your veins and monitor your circulation.

What treatments are available for vein health problems?

After your exam and diagnosis, Dallas Vein Institute provides a personalized treatment plan to address the condition causing your itching and burning legs. Depending on your condition and its severity, Dallas Vein Institute provides customized treatments that could include:

  • Compression stockings
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Sclerotherapy
  • ClosureFast™ thermal vein closure
  • VenaSeal™

If you have burning, itchy legs, and are concerned about vein disease, call Dallas Vein Institute or make an appointment online today.