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Do your legs ache, or do you have cramping or swelling? It could be a sign of vein disease. At Dallas Vein Institute in Hurst and Dallas, Texas, Dev Batra, MD, diagnoses the condition causing your leg pain and swelling and provides expert treatments to improve your vein health and reduce your symptoms. If you have leg pain and swelling and are concerned about your vascular health, call Dallas Vein Institute or book an appointment online today.

Leg Pain and Swelling Q & A

What conditions cause leg pain and swelling?

You might have leg pain and swelling after a long day on your feet or working your legs hard at the gym. However, if your legs hurt and show signs of swelling frequently, it could be a sign of a vascular health problem like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or chronic venous insufficiency. 

DVT and chronic venous insufficiency can cause blood to get trapped and pool in weakened sections of your vein. Your veins aren’t made to hold fluids in one place, so when this happens, blood and other fluids leak into the muscles and other soft tissue that surround your weak or damaged vein. 

The excess fluid not only causes swelling but also irritates your muscles, leading to cramping and pain, as well as itching, burning, and heavy, fatigued feelings. You might also notice that the skin on your lower legs starts to look leathery or have a pale blue or red tint.

When should I talk to a doctor about leg pain and swelling?

In addition to vein problems, leg pain and swelling could be due to infections, arthritis, and other diseases. You should make an appointment at Dallas Vein Institute if your symptoms are persistent, keep you up at night, or increase in intensity. Dallas Vein Institute can identify the condition causing your leg pain and swelling and help you get the treatment you need. 

How is the cause of leg pain and swelling diagnosed?

Dallas Vein Institute provides thorough exams to identify the condition causing your leg pain and swelling. They examine your legs for visible signs of vein disease like changes in your skin texture, color, or temperature. They also review your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle to check for warning signs of other health issues. 

Dallas Vein Institute also offers vascular ultrasounds to assess your veins for signs of DVT, blockages, and other problems that could cause your symptoms.

How are the conditions that cause leg pain and swelling treated?

After diagnosing the condition causing your leg pain and swelling, Dallas Vein Institute provides customized treatment plans to relieve your symptoms and heal the underlying condition. Depending on your needs, they might recommend:

  • Compression stockings
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Sclerotherapy
  • ClosureFast™ thermal vein closure
  • VenaSeal™

If you have painful, swollen legs and other signs of vein disease, call Dallas Vein Institute or make an appointment online today.